It’s October 29. Do you know what’s happening in just three days? The big upcoming celebration?? (Yes three. Not two.)

National Author’s Day!!

Wait! You’ve never heard of it? Well, to be honest, it’s pretty new to me too. Feel better?

Nellie Gets an Idea: Let’s Celebrate!

Authors were shy, unsociable creatures, atoning for their lack of social aptitude by inventing their own companions and conversations. ~Agatha Christie

Apparently, back in the 1920s, a reader by the name of Nellie Verne Burt McPherson spent some time recovering in a hospital. While there, she read a book and liked it so much that she wrote a thank you note to the author. The author wrote back, including an autographed story.

National Author's Day!She was so touched that she wanted to create a national holiday celebrating American authors. She took the idea to the Bement, Illinois Women’s Club (she was president), and they agreed. The General Federation of Women’s Clubs soon backed her idea, and the U.S. Department of Commerce signed on in 1949.

Sue follows her example. Please celebrate.

Nellie died in 1968, but her granddaughter Sue Cole picked up the banner. “She urged people to write a note to their favorite author on November 1, to ‘brighten up the sometimes lonely business of being a writer.’  She also suggested flying the American flag as another way of showing appreciation for the men and women who have created American literature.” [Quoted from here.]

Ideas for National Author’s Day 

So, most of us no longer write actual notes and a lot of authors don’t post a physical mailing address where we can easily find it. How should we celebrate this grand American holiday?

  1. Find your favorite author on social media. You can like or follow them, and send them a message to say, “Thank you.”
  2. Search for your favorite author(s) websites. Most of them have a contact form where you can say, “Thank you.”
  3. Read a classic. Did you just groan at me? From The Big Fisherman to Little Women to Dracula, surely there’s one that intrigues you.
  4. Treat yourself to a new book by one of your favorite authors!
  5. Treat a friend to one of your favorite books.
  6. Treat a friend’s child to the first book in a series you or your kids loved. Or How should we celebrate?buy them the next book in their favorite series.
  7. Tell your friends about your favoite series of all time. Or at least the most recent favorite.
  8. Ask your library to buy the newest releases of your favorite authors.
  9. Venture into a secondhand bookstore and thank the owner or store manager.
  10. And finally, the dreaded . . . leave a review for the books you read! I know . . . it’s scary. But one or two sentences go a long way toward keeping those authors you love working on the next story you long for.


We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master. ~Ernest Hemingway

Writing can be a lonely business. Authors know you appreciate them—because they are readers too. They understand!

Still . . . hearing someone say it out loud (or type it on a book retailer or bookclub website) every once in a while. It’s a good thing.


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