All of us have a voice running through our heads, what Pastor Steven Furtick calls the chatterbox. Sometimes this voice is good. Encouraging. Hopeful.

More often it’s . . . well, not.

We all experience this, some far more than others. Can anything be done to silence it? Or at least turn the volume down so we can hear God and His truth above the half-truths of our enemy? That’s precisely what Crash the Chatterbox aims to teach us to do.

Every second you spend wishing God would take away a struggle is a forfeited opportunity to overcome. ~Steven Furtick, Crash the Chatterbox

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The Voice You Listen to Will Determine the Future You Experience…

In Crash the Chatterbox, Pastor Steven Furtick focuses on four key areas in which negative thoughts are most debilitating: insecurity, fear, condemnation, and discouragement. He asks, “What great deeds are in danger of remaining undone in your life because of lies that were planted in your past or fears that are looming in your future?”

With personal stories, inspiring examples, and practical strategies, Pastor Furtick will show you how to silence the lies and embrace the freeing affirmation of God.

Learn how to live out God’s truth no matter what is going on in your life or thoughts.

Learn how to crash the chatterbox…and hear God’s voice above all others.

What I Thought

The Enemy’s goal is to lure us into accepting his lies and limitations at face value. When we do, our faith will only work in fits and starts. The lion’s share of the good things that God has planned for us will remain out of reach. And the fruit we bear for God’s glory will be minimal. ~Steven Furtick, Crash the Chatterbox

A couple of my friends are major overthinkers. We laugh occasionally at where their minds go over some of the simplest statements that I never give another thought. Compared to them, I don’t struggle with a chatterbox.

But that doesn’t mean my enemy doesn’t sometimes attack me in this area, occasionally reminding me of my shortcomings, poor wordings, and missed opportunities. Those times when I really messed up, or the times when things didn’t go well.

Thankfully, Chase the Chatterbox is well designed for both my overthinking friends and me.

Throughout the pages, Pastor Furtick opens his life to share some of the words from his own chatterbox, those times when the enemy only shared partial truths and disheartening facts. He also writes about those moments when he fell short of God’s plan and the chatterbox spoke harsh truth. Debilitating, life-stealing truth. Then the author turns things around with tremendous grace and not only shares the whole truth of God but offers strategies for turning the tables on our enemy. For ending the confrontation with God-ordained victory.

The Bottom Line – 5 stars

Before you ever breathed, before you even had the opportunity to show off or screw up, God declared, I want you. You’re Mine. I’ve chosen you. You belong. To Me. And you can know that you always will, because you always have. Before you were ever born, I knew you. ~Steven Furtick, Crash the Chatterbox

This book offers a lot of truth and grace. Pastor Furtick doesn’t shy away from tough battles, and he doesn’t hide the reality of who he is or has been. Instead, he writes what God taught him that can benefit us. If you struggle with disheartening thoughts, this book may help.


About the Author

Pastor Steven Furtick is the founder and lead pastor of Elevation Church based in Charlotte, NC. He holds the master of divinity degree and is the New York Times Best Selling author of Crash the Chatterbox, Greater, Sun Stand Still, and (Un)Qualified.

Pastor Steven and Holly live in the Charlotte area with their two sons, Elijah and Graham, and daughter, Abbey.


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