In mid-June, I asked for your help. I wanted to know what you thought of the slight shift in my blog posts over the last several months and what you’d like to see more of for the rest of 2020.

The survey results are in! And yes, some things are staying the same while other things are changing.

Survey Results on Opening Questions

I asked the first few questions to get an idea of which responders actually read my posts, as well as what is liked and favored. The answers were encouraging and clear.

How often do you read my weekly posts?

Thankfully, most of the responders (75%) read my posts either more often than not or almost every single week. That means that the overall responses likely represent the majority of my readers, and I can make sound decisions based on these survey results.

Which posts do you like to read?

This was an overwhelming win for devotions and excerpts from my nonfiction books (67%). The remaining third of responses were split evenly between book reviews, favorite reads, and other book-related news. When I asked about your favorite posts, though, 75% voted for devotions while 25% asked for book reviews.

Answers to Questions about Reviews

This was really what I wanted to know: Do you like book reviews? Are they helpful to you? And if you like them, what kind of books are you looking for? Here, the survey results were an interesting mix.

Have you visited my Book Reviews page?

The answers were split evenly. Half of the respondents visit the page regularly while half haven’t clicked on it at all.

Do you want to see reviews with the weekly posts or only listed on the reviews page?

Seventy-five percent said listed on the reviews page while 25% asked for them emailed with the weekly posts.

Do you want to see reviews on fiction, nonfiction, or both?

Because I write both fiction and nonfiction, I have a good blend of readers here, and this question proved it. Twenty-five percent asked for nonfiction reviews, 25% for fiction reviews, and 50% of you asked for both.

General Comments and Changes

All of you were very encouraging. Thank you. The stress from Covid-19 is getting to some you, which is quite understandable. But overall you offered sweet words that clearly indicated you wanted me to keep going.

Because of these results, you’ll see a shift in my weekly posts toward more devotions. And, those of you who like reviews, you’ll appreciate one thing I’ll continue to do and one new thing I created just for you.

First, I will continue to post book recommendations on my Facebook Author Page. I tend to do this twice per week, right now on Mondays and Thursdays. You can find my Author Page by clicking here.

Second, you’ll see a change on my Reviews Page. I decreased the number of books on the front page, which will eventually go away entirely. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a link to more reviews (which will eventually be the main page for my reviews). Lots more reviews, including both fiction and nonfiction books that I’ve read and rated either 4 or 5 Stars. All the books are Christian or have a Christian slant to them.

Finally, if you want to read my thoughts on other books, you have a couple of options. The best of the books I read about writing and publishing can be found by clicking here, listed by general topic. All other books, including fiction classics, leadership, history, and biography, as well as books I read for research and books that didn’t rate at least 4-Stars for me can be found by connecting with me on GoodReads, a wonderful book club website where you can read reviews by avid readers and connect with readers who like what you like to read.

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