Readers like Top 10 lists and this one seems like fun. When I find someone who reads books similar to me, I want to know both their top favorite books and top favorite authors.

I regularly tell you about great books (read more about my reviews here) and I occasionally mention authors I love. But when it comes to actually putting my money where my heart is . . . that’s what today’s post is all about.

Counting My Books

Fiction is to the grown man what play is to the child; it is there that he changes the atmosphere and tenor of his life. ~Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish novelist and travel writer

This was a little more complicated than simply checking out my bookshelves. After all, I read in a variety of places under a plethora of circumstances. In other words, I enjoy print books, ebooks, and audiobooks depending on where I am and what I am doing. So once I got together my list from my physical shelves, I had to pull up my ebook and audio shelves.

Additionally, you may know I read somewhat widely. So I had to decide whether I should stick with one major classification of books or if I should split my list between fiction and nonfiction. And if I should subdivide more than that? For example, history is quite different from Christian Living.

In the end, I decided to keep it simple, listing only Christian fiction authors for this particular list. To be clear, this doesn’t necessarily indicate the author doesn’t write anything else. In fact, I own both fiction and nonfiction for a couple of these authors.

Additional caveats.

I hesitate to offer this list because it comes with some natural dangers. For example, while I enjoyed a Leisha Kelly novel I read a few years back, she died after writing eleven novels. That makes it difficult for her to compete in a top 10 list with Jerry Jenkins who’s had a long writing career. By the same token, newer authors don’t compete well on these kinds of lists, nor do authors I’ve only started reading.

Second, I decided not to worry about duplicates. Some books I own in multiple formats. At times, this was for convenience–I love the book so much I wanted a print copy for my shelves and an ebook I could carry around with me. Sometimes, I bought the ebook on sale and grabbed the audiobook for a discounted price to make it easier to get through (I’m not a long book person). And sometimes as I listened to the audiobook I knew I needed to get a print book so I could highlight and mark it up. However, as that means I laid out money to purchase the book for myself more than once, I chose to count each of these as a separate book I own by that author.

And finally, this list is Christian fiction authors only, as in authors who write for the Christian fiction market. I didn’t include any of the classics I’ve purchased when compiling the numbers, nor any other fiction categories. (If you want to know my favorite classic author, it’s probably Lloyd C. Douglas.)

With all that on your mind, on to my top 10 fiction authors!

Top 10 Fiction Authors on My Shelves

1. Mary Connealy.

She won this contest easily. I own 33% more books by her than my #2 author, and I generally purchase a new book by her without reading the description.

2. Jody Hedlund.

She writes a variety of books, from young adult to adult, biographical fiction to historical fiction. I’ve enjoyed many, but my favorites are the young adult and the biographical fiction.

3. Melanie Dickerson.

Oh, this woman and her fairy tale retellings. She sucks me in every single time.

4. Jen Turano.

I’ve read many of her historical fiction, and she always gets me giggling. I love the antics her poor heroines seem to naturally get themselves into.

5. Jocelyn Green.

Excellent nonfiction and deeply researched fiction. Her books don’t shy away from the pain and struggle of life, which makes portions of them tougher reads but her heroines more tender.

6. Roseanna M. White.

Her historical fiction draws me in with families I love and suspenseful dramas that I must see resolved. She penned my all-time favorite family with Barclay Pearce and his brood in the Shadows Over England series.

7. Karen Witemeyer.

Another author that’s always good for light-hearted fun. When I want to lighten my mood or giggle the afternoon away, I reach for one of her books.

8. Jerry Jenkins.

His extensive career includes numerous genres, and while I enjoy his books full of action and suspense, I also enjoy his biblical fiction quite a bit.

9. Cathy Marie Hake.

She was the first author I discovered with a penchant for female leads getting themselves into hilarious situations.

10. Dee Henderson.

Although I don’t enjoy her newer, emotional fiction as much as her older action-packed books, I remember her O’Malley series with great fondness. I will always love how she brought a group of kids together and allowed them to stay closely bonded into adulthood.



Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity. ~GK Chesterton, English writer, philosopher, and lay theologian

There you go! Just looking at the hard, cold numbers, those are the top 10 fiction authors on my bookshelves. Now, it’s your turn! What authors most reside on your bookshelves at home? Let me know on the Facebook post about this. It will be pinned to the top of the page through Sunday.


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