The holidays are coming! Hmmm, maybe some of you didn’t want to hear that quite yet. Sorry, but telling you won’t slow down time — and maybe I can help! How about the chance to win some free books!?

Authors Lindon and Sherry Gareis, Joanie Bruce, Kathy Barnett and I want to bless you this holiday season with FOUR FREE BOOKS! Whether you keep them for yourself or give them away at Christmas is up to you.

Here are the books included in this giveaway:

Alana Candler, Marked for MurderMarked for Murder by Joanie BruceAlana Candler is on someone’s hit list. A stalker is breathing down her neck at every turn, hiding in the shadows, waiting for her to make a mistake—to freeze long enough for him to make his hit. When the stalker kidnaps her from a hotel and leaves her to die, Jaydn Holbrook saves her life and promises to protect her. Alana’s trust in God’s protection intrigues him and compels him to explore her faith further, but when she mentions her aversion to rich, executive-type bosses, Jaydn keeps his CEO position secret. As tensions build, Jaydn and Alana are caught up in a dangerous web of hiding from the pursuer trying to kill them and fighting the attraction they feel for each other. 

Crossing ValuesCrossing Values by Carrie Daws. For years, Amber traipsed around the Northwest avoiding the skeletons in her closet. Job-hopping every few weeks, she refused to let anyone get close to her as she slowly made her way east. As winter plants itself firmly across the Rockies, she decides to take a chance on a job at a logging company with a family different from any she’s ever known before. Feeling like she’s entered the happily-ever-after written at the end of fairytales, she watches for cracks in the façade. Surely as the days pass, the play-acting will cease and the real family will emerge. Or could she be wrong? Could they truly be genuine? 

9781620201039web-1Declutter Now! by Lindon and Sherry GareisWe all have too much STUFF! Not just tangible things, but also the harmful clutter we allow to take up residence in our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls: over-stuffed closets, harmful relationships, stretched finances, challenges at work, critical career decisions, emotional ties that bind, and physical problems which keep you in bondage. Let us at Action Plan Ministries help you declutter what you don’t need to make room for what really matters. Declutter Now! is for REAL people dealing with REAL life! Discover the tremendous joy possible when living a decluttered life for Christ. Less can truly be more!

Warrior's Bride front coverThe Warrior’s Bride by Kathy Barnett and Carrie Daws. The call came down and your warrior husband is out the door, leaving you behind to handle whatever he left undone. Whether it’s the day-to-day monotony or the inevitable appliance that breaks in his absence, being a military spouse brings challenges few appreciate. Yet God sees you and longs for you to boldly step into His plan. He purposely chose you for this moment, for your man. He desired you to become the warrior’s bride.

Entering to win is easy! Just look below and click on any of the entries you’d like to do. Following any of us on Facebook or Twitter will gain you entries (we are also all on Pinterest if you’d like to find us there). Signing up to receive my or Lindon and Sherry’s blog or my newsletter will gain you more entries — but don’t feel pressured to do it all! The winner will be picked at random on Monday, November 10th, by a computer from all the entries.

So, what are you waiting for?

This giveaway has ended.


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