Do you want to be healed? This seems like a simple question, but it hides in the shadows of our life.

David Seamands writes in Healing for Damaged Emotions, “This is what Jesus asked the sick man who had lain ill for thirty-eight years (see John 5:6). Do you really want to be healed, or do you just want to talk about your problem? Do you want to use your problem to get sympathy from others?” (page 25).

Letting go of suffering, choosing to walk into health and wholeness, and thriving after unimaginable pain can be difficult. Sometimes we’ve walked with the pain for so long we don’t know how to let go. Occasionally, we carry the tragedy in front of us like a badge of honor or hide behind it like a shield of protection. All of that is normal, but none of it is healthy for the long term.

Much like people who have broken an arm need a doctor to set things right, God waits to put our heart, mind, and emotions back into their proper place. And the process requires patience and quiet. Just like an injured limb needs rest and time, so do our hearts and minds after a loss. Do you want to be healed?