Life was moving along okay. No traumas, no major dilemmas. Not even significant obstacles currently stood in my path. Life was full as I was homeschooling, researching a new book, finding time for reading, and active in a small group. But I was lonely.

Surrounded by people, but lonely.

Psalm 68:6Just as this feeling of loneliness was becoming unbearable, we took a trip back to our last duty station. Although we have no biological family in the area, it’s the location of the church we love and full of people who have become like family.

It’s home.

We spent time with friends, both one-on-one and during a small party. I went out to breakfast with two close friends, and we helped surprise another friend for her birthday. We all just enjoyed our time there.

And now I’m back at my house again feeling refreshed.

I knew I would be. It’s one of the reasons I so strongly advise within the pages of The Warrior’s Bride for military spouses to find a small group of Christian women. Not all the women I saw during this weekend trip were military, but all of them love me and my family. All of them asked how we were doing, and I know in the days ahead they will take what they heard and turn it into prayers for us.

Because all of them want to see God’s best in our lives, even if it means we live apart from them.

Family isn't always blood.Of course, that doesn’t mean they aren’t praying we get to return to them. Which makes my heart smile, because that prayer echoes the prayer of my own heart.

Not all family is biologically related.

And that’s okay. God intended for His children to be family. And one of the great blessings of moving a lot with the military is getting to meet more of God’s family, getting a chance to get to know them on this earth before we live together eternally in Heaven.

Have you ever thought about moving like that? What are you doing this week to get to know your eternal family better?


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