Herod the Great, a Character Sketch

The story of Herod the Great includes power and intrigue. But what do you know? Who was he, and what helped mold him into the man he was?

Jesus Loves Me. What Is Love, part 9

Jesus loves me. Many learned that refrain as children, but what of its story? It starts with two sisters and a hard period of history.

Loving One Another, What is Love part 8

Loving one another—what does that mean? We must consider the entire section of 1 John 4 together to fully understand John’s point.

Love or Fear: Who’s in Control, What Is Love part 7

Love or fear. Sometimes we put these two against each other, but is there more than we see? And if God is love, what does that say about fear?

Love Made Complete, What Is Love? part 6

Who struggles with fear? Shame? Feeling incapable or not good enough? If you fight any of these debilitating problems, today is for you.

Knowing and Relying on Love, What Is Love part 5

Knowing and relying on love. How do we do that? Thankfully, the apostle John tells us precisely what he means.

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What is Love? Part 1

What is Love? Part 1

What is love? That’s a big question with an ineffable word (too great to be described), but let’s see what we can do with it.

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