Finding Benjamin NOW AVAILABLE!

Did you like Embers? You’ll love to know that Finding Benjamin, the second book in the Sacred Trust series, is AVAILABLE NOW! Learn more about the story!

My Best Reads of 2018

I know most of you are readers and like to hear about great new books or authors. Well, here my best reads this year that I gave a 5-star rating!

Thanksgiving Has Changed. Is That Bad?

It’s two days until Thanksgiving. And what is Thanksgiving if it isn’t designed to turn our hearts toward . . . prayer. Oh, not what you were expecting?

There Is More by Brian Houston REVIEW

Ever think, “There is more to life than this”? If you need encouragement, There is More by Brian Houston is an excellent choice.

Military Family … A Choice? Or Not?

Some people think that in a military family, the parents chose the lifestyle, but the kids are dragged along. Where do I stand? No. Just no. Absolutely not.

The Blind World

Science has become a god, even among Christians. Some people ignore Satan, allowing him to roam freely. Are you stuck in the blind world of science?

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