Looking Closer at the Twenty-third Psalm

Does the twenty-third Psalm really convey what we think? Or do we focus on the end result and ignore the possibilities of what it is saying?

New and Upcoming Releases

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a busy year! Keep reading to see what new and upcoming releases you can look forward to from author Carrie Daws!

Respect is Earned. Or is it?

People say that respect is earned. What does God say about respect? Perhaps we have the ideas of love and respect a little twisted.

Facing the Goliaths in Life

When I look back over my life, I find fear raising its ugly head time and again. So what do we do when facing the Goliaths of life?

My Best Reads So Far This Year

I know most of you are readers and like to hear about great new books or authors. So today, let me share with you my best reads so far this year!

Fierce Faith BOOK REVIEW

Although it wasn’t my first choice to read, I found Fierce Faith an excellent read and recommend it! Read my full Fierce Faith Review!

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