Relentless REVIEW

An incredible book full of grace and gentle truths amid uncertainty. Relentless provides tremendous hope in the face of pain, trauma, and turmoil.

Best Fiction Reads Part 1 for 2020

About once a month, I talk about a great nonfiction book. Today, I’m covering some of my best fiction reads so far in 2020! (Part 1. More coming this fall!)

Thanks for Everything?? No, Thank You

One of my most popular posts! Saying, “Thanks for everything!” sounds polite, but is it really? Or, is it lazy, inconsiderate, and potentially harmful?

10 Military Themed Books (for Civilians too!)

Military appreciation month! What are the best military themed books that give insight but are also civilian friendly? Here are 5 fiction and 5 nonfiction!

Crash the Chatterbox REVIEW

All of us have a voice in our heads. Sometimes it’s good. More often it’s not. Crash the Chatterbox is supposed to help. Read on to see if I think it does.

Can Christians Write Fiction?

Can Christians write fiction? This may seem silly, but the negative undercurrent that drives it may be more prevalent than you realize.

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Read an eBook Week!

Read an eBook Week!

Want an excuse to buy a new book? How about Read an eBook Week?! Don’t like eBooks–I get it. But … they do have good uses, many of which I’m thankful for.

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Ben Franklin’s Small Group

Ben Franklin’s Small Group

Benjamin Franklin wrote of a weekly small group that challenged each other to grow. Busy as he was, he knew they were vital. What about you?

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Children’s Book Week

Children’s Book Week

It’s Children’s Book Week! Technically it’s Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week! But that’s a mouthful. I’m claiming the privilege of simplifying.

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