International Book Giving Day

This Thursday is the second-best holiday of the year, one you probably haven’t heard of: International Book Giving Day! Let me show you how to celebrate!

Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week

It’s Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week, which is designed to promote literacy in an engaging and interactive way. Let me show you how to celebrate!

Is Pain Good for Us?

Let me be honest. I don’t like pain. At all. And I tend to avoid its possibility if I can. But what is the true purpose of pain? Is pain good for us?

God Said It. That Settles It.

“God said it. I believe it. That settles it.” Hmmm. That sounds good, right? Or does it? Is there something amiss about this popular catchphrase?

Declutter Now! REVIEW

If life feels stressed and overwhelming, Declutter Now! by Lidon and Sherry Gareis might be a great book for you. Check out my review!

Fresh Start REVIEW

If you do have emotional issues holding you back, Doug Fields’ book may help you resolve them and move forward. Check out my review on Fresh Start!

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