The Good Samaritan Wasn’t Alone

Most Christians know “The Good Samaritan.” What if we need to focus our attention differently? Have we all overlooked something important in this tale?

In Remembrance of September 11

Certain holidays have a personal distance, since they weren’t close to my time. But September 11 is a date that hits me particularly hard. What about you?

Sacred Trust: Seeking Isabel NOW AVAILABLE

Want to know more about my Sacred Trust series, the books that follow Embers character, Detective Samuel Campos? Book 1: Seeking Isabel is available now!

Defining Parental Success

Sometimes, our older children don’t make choices we like. So, what makes for parental success? Responsible adult children? Or are we looking at it wrong?

God Speaks to You

Do you believe God speaks to you? If you struggle with hearing God or wonder if what you heard was really Him, you’re doing far better than you realize.

Looking Closer at the Twenty-third Psalm

Does the twenty-third Psalm really convey what we think? Or do we focus on the end result and ignore the possibilities of what it is saying?

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