Jeeps, Boats, and Helicopters.

Jeeps, boats, and helicopters. What comes to mind? I’m guessing the story I want to tell you heads in another direction entirely.

Enough Is as Good as a Feast

Have you ever heard the saying, “Enough is as good as a feast”? It came to mind as I read a passage familiar to me in the book of 2 Kings.

This Little Light of Mine

Did you grow up singing ‘This little light of mine’? It calls to mind Jesus’s words from Matthew 5, but we might be overlooking simple truth.

Healed and Cured, or Maybe Not

A car accident and a television show got my mind whirling. Healed and cured, or maybe healed but not yet cured. Take a journey with me . . .

Does Your Identity Matter?

Who are you? What titles or identities do you carry around? And which is primary, the one that most informs the others? Does your identity matter?

Survey Results

In mid-June, I asked for your thoughts on my posts. The survey results are in! And yes, some things are staying the same while other things are changing.

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How to Get More from the Bible

How to Get More from the Bible

Life is busy, but a neglected Bible is a big deal. Here, I’ll give you reasons why reading the Bible is critical and different ways to keep it interesting.

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Read an eBook Week!

Read an eBook Week!

Want an excuse to buy a new book? How about Read an eBook Week?! Don’t like eBooks–I get it. But … they do have good uses, many of which I’m thankful for.

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Ben Franklin’s Small Group

Ben Franklin’s Small Group

Benjamin Franklin wrote of a weekly small group that challenged each other to grow. Busy as he was, he knew they were vital. What about you?

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Children’s Book Week

Children’s Book Week

It’s Children’s Book Week! Technically it’s Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week! But that’s a mouthful. I’m claiming the privilege of simplifying.

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