Remember Winnie the Pooh? I love the characters from Hundred Aker Wood and find a lot of great quotes in the pages of A.A. Milne’s books. For example, Winnie the Pooh said, “Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.”

The Warrior's Bride front coverAnd among readers, nobody can be uncheered with a free book! So, I’m offering a FREE COPY of The Warrior’s Bride to one of you.

About the Book

The call came down from Command, and your warrior husband is out the door, leaving you behind to handle whatever he has left undone. Whether it’s the day-to-day monotony, the inevitable appliance that breaks, or the months without his presence beside you, being a military spouse brings challenges few appreciate. Yet God sees you and longs for you to boldly step into His plan. He purposely chose you for this moment—for your man. He wants to give you abundantly more than what you have right now and desires you to thrive as your warrior’s bride.

What Readers Think (from Amazon)

The two women here are clearly strong, passionate, humble Christian women who are just such an amazing light for the Lord. … Their views and commitment to marriage [with honesty] is a beacon of light in a world which is trying to destroy the marriage plans God wants for us. It really brought across marriage in a very real, powerful way that made me personally reflect on my own expectations of marriage, when it happens, but how it needs to be rooted in the Lord more than ever.

Wow! This book is fantastic. It’s a wonderful treasure of information for married women…military and civilian. Even though the authors promote this book as advice for military spouses, all of the principles and guidance found here are applicable for any married woman. It covers subjects all the way from handling the fear of your husband’s death to dealing with a husband whose job requires him to be away from home and the family for long, extended periods of time. It encourages every woman to realize that God forgives us in spite of our faults and is standing on the sidelines begging us to come to Him for reinforcement and wisdom. It also urges the struggling woman to turn to God for love and wisdom in dealing with all circumstances of life.

How To Enter

Just leave a comment below! And I will pick a winner next week. (And be a good Hundred Aker Wood friend and share this post with your friends.)

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