Winning the Food Fight

Winning the Food Fight

5 Stars -- very readable and non-food expert friendly

I don't want to know all the deep and hidden things about the food industry; I just want to know enough to make better choices for my life and health. Steve Willis does precisely that.

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This book surprised me in many ways. First, it’s very readable and non-food expert friendly! Look, I don’t want to know all the deep and hidden things about the food industry and agriculture and farming; I just want to know enough to make better choices for my life and health. Steve Willis does precisely that.

But he doesn’t just hit hard on eating better (more fruits and veggies) and exercising more (less television and more movement). He takes a holistic approach that looks at multiple facets of our life, and he offers real-life examples of where real people tried it and found success.

~The food industry and where they are falling short
~How our government assists in the problem
~Agencies that sound like they are helping when they really aren’t
~Big companies in the background that have a conflict of interest
~Even how our “help” around the world has led to an increase in unemployment and disease

And lest you think this is only a conspiracy book and doesn’t offer a deep look at our individual lives, he talks about that too.

~School lunches and how that affects kids health
~Restaurants contribution, and our addiction to eating out
~The real cost of moving less and sitting more
~Why family dinners are critical to our family’s success
~He even touches on fasting and how America ignores this basic discipline

Food affects us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, yet we tend to only focus on our weight and our strength when we talk about it. This book is an excellent introduction to the bigger issues surrounding it without overwhelming the reader with too much scientific data.


Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver brought his mini-series, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, to Huntington, West Virginia, “the fattest city in America.” But long before the small town was on the chef’s radar, one pastor had already begun to pray for Huntington’s spiritual and physical transformation. Winning the Food Fight is pastor Steve Willis’ insider look at the divine timing of Jamie Oliver’s visit and a backstage pass to the events that are changing the heart and health of an all- American city. Readers will encounter the stories of real people who have made the connection between spiritual wellness and physical health, and be inspired to begin their own journey toward God-honoring transformation using Pastor Steve’s practical, biblical plan.

Genres: Health, NONFICTION
Publisher: Real
Publication Year: 2011
Length: 224 pages
ISBN: 9780830761227

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