In the history of our country, have we ever had more holidays and celebrations? When I think of October, two or three things come to mind: cooler temperatures thanks to Autumn, Halloween and the overload of candy in the stores, and a sweet friend who dubbed the month “My-tober” because it’s her birthday month. Who knew the month was about so much more?

A quick search revealed more than 50 holidays, celebrations, and awareness days take place in October is National Book Month!the United States in October. Yes — 50!

Now, some of these are mere culinary observances, like Pizza Month or Popcorn Poppin’ Month. And some are more serious health awareness observances, like Liver Awareness or National Physical Therapy. And, I did forget Columbus Day, and I neglected my Canadian friends Thanksgiving, both of which fall on Monday, October 13th this year.

But in the midst of everything else going on, October is also the month to celebrate books! Your local library, book clubs, and book sellers may be hosting various activities, so be sure to check them out.

Here are 5 simple ways you can add to the celebration of Book Month:

1. Set a reading goal. How many books will you strive to read before the end of the month? Or the end of the year? Challenge other family members and then host a party to see who met their goals. (Connect with me on GoodReads to see how my reading goal is going!)

2. Share a book! If you don’t mind loaning out books, share your top two or three favorites with friends and family. Or, share one favorite book a week on Facebook. Or send someone a $10 gift card to Amazon or another bookstore so they can buy a new book.

3. Select one or two authors and look them up on the web, either through their website or social media like Facebook or Twitter. Send them a short note telling them which of their books you most liked.

4. Select one or two new-to-you author(s) and read their book(s). Be sure to tell others if the book is good! (Click here to see reviews I’ve left for some of my recent reads.)

5. Sign up for GoodReads, connect with old friends and find some new friends who love the same books you do! (Yes, I’m on GoodReads and would love to be friends with you!)

How do you think you will celebrate National Book Month?


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