I have a good problem: a lot of readers! Thank you! I appreciate each and every one who takes the time to read what I write, as well as the many reviews, comments, social media shares, and emails that you take the time to do.

The Favor

I write books in two very different genresBut, because I write books in two very different genres and teach creative writing to middle and high schoolers, I have quite a mesh of people on this list.

I have several things coming in 2016—new books, incredible offers, and some great freebies—and I don’t want to fill up your inbox with book news or products you may not be interested in. So, I am in the process of splitting my list into groups.

To help me do that, I created a simple survey. With the exception of entering your name and email address, all the questions are multiple choice, so the entire thing will take you just a couple of minutes.

Your Reward

And in exchange for taking the time to do this, I’m offering FREE access to the first chapter of TWO of my UNPUBLISHED, UPCOMING books!

For my Warrior Brides, you can read the first chapter of Beyond Warrior’s Bride: Other Spouses: A Military Spouse’s Biblical Guide to Surviving the Women Around You.

And for my fiction lovers, you can read the first chapter of Home Front Heroines: United States Air Force. This still untitled book is the first in a five book series featuring military families. (And maybe a great title will come to mind that you can offer me!)

One Caveat

I know many people create email accounts to sign up for lists, and then never check those accounts.You should know that I’m taking this opportunity to clean up my email list. That means that if you haven’t opened or clicked on my emails recently, aren’t participating in this survey, or aren’t liking, sharing, or commenting on my social media posts, you may get dropped from my email list.

I don’t mean that harshly. But I know many people create email accounts to sign up for lists, and then never check those accounts. I spend a lot of time creating posts and books I think you want to read and freebies I think you’ll want to receive, so I don’t want to spend time trying to reach out to people who send me to mail accounts they never check. And you wouldn’t believe the trouble I’ve run into trying to contact winners of my giveaways!

While I will still spend time on social media, next year I’m going to be working hard to provide incredible offers and freebies that will only go out to my email list subscribers. If you don’t want to miss those opportunities, then you’ll want to complete the survey.

How to Get Your Chapters

Sound good? Reading the chapters of my new books is only a couple of minutes away! Just complete the brief survey below, and, when you submit your answers, you will be given a link to download the chapters.

If you have any problems, please let me know. It is the first time I’ve used Google Docs, so I’m hoping it goes smoothly.

Thank you for your help, and enjoy reading!


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