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MY HISTORY: What is Immeasurable Works™? Quite simply, it’s the publishing company I own and operate. It’s a long story on how I got here, but the path to opening the company was clearly God-led.

The name comes from the verse I clung to as I entered the publishing world. You see, as a child, writing was not my dream. I never considered being a published author. No, I was quite content on my path toward an accounting degree.

But God changed my path.

As I walked out my life, He gently guided and directed, leading me ever closer to writing. And then to publishing. And then to launching my own company and becoming a hybrid author.

Yes, I still write for other publishing companies as opportunities present themselves, and I still dearly love the first publisher (Ambassador International) that launched me into this world. But my path includes putting a few books on the market under my own label.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for new authors?

If you are looking to be published, I am not the starting place for you. I am not an easy answer or a surefire way to fame and fortune. I am not seeking authors or books.

If you are looking for an agent or publisher, check out the Christian Writer’s Market Guide (or Writer’s Market Guide or Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market Guide). Do your research, check online resources, and develop a thick skin.

Is self-publishing right for me?
That’s a complex question with lots of variables, but you at least need to consider these things. First, no one succeeds at self-publishing alone. I have a team around me, supporting me and doing those things that either I’m not good at or helping me make sure things don’t fall through the cracks. This includes a part-time assistant, an editor, a graphic designer, and a webmaster. Additionally, I read lots of books (and blog posts and listen to podcasts) every year on leadership, marketing, and writing, as well as taking care of myself, friend’s books, books that compete for my sales, the occasional endorsement request, books to broaden my perspective within my themes and topics, and some books just for fun.
Will you help me self-publish?
Depending upon what all I have going on in the moment, I may be able to offer quick tips, ideas, and things to consider. But I cannot walk you through every step of the process. I highly recommend you become a prolific reader of writing and marketing books by those who are actually sitting on the bookshelves where you want your books to appear. Also, read the books that you’ll be competing with, making notes of what they do well, what readers like, and what readers complain about.
How can I support you?
If you want to support me and Immeasurable Works, it’s simple! Buy any of my books. No, not all of them are published by my company, but my royalties go into the same business accounts as my book sales. Which means every penny I receive from you goes toward allowing me to keep writing and publishing.

I am a hybrid author. I’ve published content with B & H Publishing Group and Ambassador International, as well as my own brand, Immeasurable Works™.

To learn more about each,
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