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      I have a love hate relationship with rules. On the one hand, I am a rule follower . . . on the other, the rule needs to make sense. I remember astounding a military officer’s wife when we moved on base in Montana. She sweetly knocked on my door to welcome us to the neighborhood then proceeded to tell me that everyone parked on one side of the street. “Why?” I asked. She had no idea. That drives me crazy.

      The purpose behind this forum is so my readers can talk with me and I can talk with you. It’s not a political forum or a complaint forum against other platforms (social media or not). So please don’t add comments along those lines. It’s also not a place for you to advertise your book or skin care product or whatever else you sell.

      So, the rules will be simple.

      Remember the purpose of this forum as stated above.
      In everything, be kind. Kindness is non-negotiable.
      I reserve the right to update these rules as necessary, but I’ll try hard not to if you try hard to not make it necessary.
      I reserve the right to delete any comment or ban any user. Or delete the forum entirely. Don’t like it? Well, it is my website.

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