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      THE BEST PLACE to find me is right here! On my own website. Feel free to use this forum to ask your question or leave comments. Yes, I read them all. If you really don’t want to leave a public comment for others to read, you can send me an email, which I will get to as quickly as I can.

      I have an author page on Facebook which I post to 3-4 times per week. I usually respond to comments there within a day or two.

      You will also find me on:
      I have a profile on MeWe, but I’ve not yet done anything on it. Maybe one day soon.
      I have boards on Pinterest, but I’m not very active there and don’t pay any attention to comments.

      And that’s it! I know we have lots of choices on social media, and you want me to be on your favorite. However, I love talking with friends and forget how fast time passes when I’m on social media, which means I run out of time to write! So, I must do my best to stay away from most of it.

      That’s why I created this forum! It’s an easy way for us to talk and me to maintain a better focus on writing.

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