The deployment date is decided and the checklists begin. Your service member is given forms and training and packing lists, and everything must be signed off before he boards the plane. But what about you? Do you know what you should accomplish before take-off?

FREE Pre-Deployment Checklist for the SpouseToday The Warrior’s Bride: Biblical Strategies to Help the Military Spouse Thrive officially releases in paperback! And to celebrate, we’re making a FREE printable available to you!

FREE Pre-Deployment Checklist for the Spouse!

What should you be doing around the house before your service member leaves?

What do you need to know about maintenance to your car?

Should you make an appointment with JAG or get his precious signature or authorization on any accounts before he leaves?

Through our deployment experiences, Kathy and I have put together a list of things we wished we would have known from the beginning. Much of this list is found within the pages of The Warrior’s Bride, but we took the space here to expand it and add more detail. You can find this resource by clicking here and scrolling down to the section on The Warrior’s Bride Freebies.

And feel free to copy or email this document to your military friends and family! We pray it helps many.

If you’ve been through a deployment, what do you wish you would have known before? If a deployment is looming, what do you want to ask to better prepare yourself before he leaves?


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