7-Day Devotional

Read the book? Want to go a little deeper? Check out this free 7-Day Devotional.

Book Club Discussion Sheets

So you want to recommend to your book club that you read one of the Crossing books, but then you’d be responsible for coming up with the discussion? Not a problem! Simply download the appropriate question guide below.

Character List

For a 160 page book, Crossing Values has a lot of characters to keep up with. And the sequels, Ryan’s Crossing, Romancing Melody, and Crossing’s Redemption add to that list. So, if you have trouble keeping everyone straight, the Character List is here to help!

Crossing Short Stories

Like deleted movie scenes on a DVD, these short stories expand on the Crossing books giving you more insight into the characters. You’ll want to make sure you’ve read at least the first book, Crossing Values, first.

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