NEW! A Short Story from The Embers Series

Want more of Cassandra and her friends? I’m working on three short stories, adding additional scenes related to the series. The first one is below and more will be here eventually.

Behind the Scenes

Want to know more from behind the scenes of the Embers Series? You can get Carrie’s notes from the book, including what parts were real and what parts she made up!

Book Club Discussion Sheets

Want to recommend to your book club that you read the Embers Series, but then you’d be responsible for coming up with the discussion? Not a problem! Simply download the appropriate question guide below.

Character List

For a 60 page book, Kindling Embers has a lot of characters to keep up with. And the sequels, Igniting Embers and Extinguishing Embers add to that list. So, if you have trouble keeping everyone straight, the Character List is here to help! 

Protecting Your Home from Fire

Think your home is safe from fire? Did you know that American firefighters report to a fire every twenty-three seconds? 23 seconds! We all have a little (maybe a lot) to learn to better protect our family from the devastation fire can bring. Download a handy list of the most common fire hazards in and around your home.

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