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For the Sacred Trust Series

NEW! Want to find the answer to one of the tough questions in the series? Having trouble keeping the characters all sorted? to see the freebies for the Sacred Trust series, click here.

For the Home Front Heroines Series

This book is a wonderful and real story about life as a spouse in the Air Force. Even as someone who’s never been in the military, I could relate to Lori’s hurts, doubts and questions. Her growing faith through the story brought me with her and allowed me to look at my life and grow with her. ~Lori P., Early Reviewer for More Than Meets the Eye: United States Air Force, North Carolina

NEW! The list will continue to grow as other books in the series release, but take a look
at what’s already available for the first book, More Than Meets the Eye, by clicking here!

For A New Home for Allie

With lush illustrations and a heartfelt story, A Home for Allie is sure to ease the transitioning child. A wonderful tool for parents and caregivers. Kids and adults alike will savor each beautiful page. ~Jocelyn Green, author of Faith Deployed: Daily Encouragement for Military Wives

NEW! Don’t have the book yet? Have a young child or one who doesn’t read on their own yet?
(Or are you having trouble pronouncing some of the words in the book?)
Carrie to the rescue! Click here to access a YouTube video of me reading the book.

Graphics with quotes from the book and our endorsements and reviews!
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For the Ember Series

I have read all of Carrie’s books and this one is one of her best. I loved the sassy character but the main thing that kept me ferociously was the intrigue. ~LauraP, Amazon

Want to know what was real in each story? Think your family is safe from common fire hazards?
Get Carrie’s notes and a checklist by clicking here!

For the Crossing Series

There is romance, intrigue, and a picture of what it means to live a life of faith without having all the answers first. Carrie Daws shares her gift of writing with her faith which shows very obviously in this novel. I was able to sit back and read each book within a couple of hours just marveling at the power of simplicity. ~Lighthouse88, Amazon
A character list, Faye’s favorite recipes, and additional short stories! If you love my Crossing series then you want to click here!

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