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For Living in the Shadow of Death: Learning to Thrive through Tragedy and Uncertainty

If not already then at some point in life we will all face a loss or tragedy in different forms and ways. What comes next might be the most important decision we make. Where are you going to look? Where are you going to find your hope? Carrie does an amazing job in providing a tool to guide you through the valley of death where you were only meant to journey, heal, and grow but never meant to stay. ~Carrie B, North Carolina


For I’ve Got Jesus … Now What?

Carrie touches on several difficult topics that in some way or another will make you uncomfortable as you evaluate your own heart and room for growth in a particular area or all areas. I especially love that her advice is backed by scripture that she references throughout the book. ~CBlackburn238, Amazon

Like the posters you’ve seen on social media featuring some of the Bible verses and favorite quotes from the book? Click here to see the full collection and download your favorites! And check back this summer–because MORE is COMING SOON!

For The Warrior’s Bride AND the Beyond Warrior’s Bride series

Cru Military appreciates the heart, soul and expertise that Carrie Daws puts into military families. ~Lt Gen Jeffrey Oster, USMC (Retired), Executive Director, Cru Military
Moving? Deployment looming? I’ve got a checklist for that! Wondering where your marriage needs work? I’ve got a simple quiz for that! Checklists for spouses, posters you can download, and more are available by clicking here! All FREE!

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