Home Front Heroines Series Freebies

Character List

As I strived to keep each story focused fairly tight on the civilian heroines, readers won’t have a ton of characters to keep up with. But, if you’re having trouble or you just like to have one, you can download the Character List for each book below.


US ARMY BOOK coming 2021

Discussion Questions

Have a group that’s reading the book together? Whether it’s a formal book club or a casual gathering of friends, download these discussion questions to help stimulate conversation!


US ARMY BOOK coming 2021

Fighting Depression

In More Than Meets the Eye: United States Air Force, Lori Braxton finds herself in circumstances where depression thrives. Dealing with depression is never easy, and the reasons behind it are often complex. But when you are in the midst of it, trying to live daily life is a struggle and thriving seems like an impossible dream.  I have waged this war. If you are in the middle of your own fight with it or know someone who is, I invite you to download this letter with some information that may help.

Verses to Refocus Your Mind on Who You Are

In all kinds of battles, our enemy likes to distract and dissuade us from the truth of who we are. Download this helpful list of verses to remind yourself that you are more than he wants you to believe.

NEW! When a Loved One Has a Chronic Illness

What do we do when we pray, asking God to work and to heal, but it doesn’t seem like He is answering? What if our circumstances are such that it feels like God is absent or unconcerned? Is God really working in and around us even when terrible things invade our lives? Carrie talks about this a lot in her book Living in the Shadow of Death. Here is an excerpt that directly relates to these questions.

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