In Touch Ministries

Never discount the value of a mentor, even if you never personally meet that mentor face-to-face. Dr. Charles Stanley and his team at In Touch Ministries have put together a selection of teachings which include a free resource! Click here to learn more.

(Note: I am not affiliated with Dr. Stanley or In Touch Ministries in any way. However, I have learned much from him over the years and believe he can be helpful to you as well.)

A Journey in Faith

Do you know how to share your faith clearly with others? Carrie’s favorite method is from A Journey in FAITH by Bobby Welch and Doug Williams (Lifeway, 2000), but finding this older resource is difficult. Here is the summary for you to download and share.

Spiritual Birth Certificate

It’s good to record the day of your spiritual birth! And this simple form will help you do that. Click here to download and print. 

Which Bible Translation Is Best?

Carrie’s been asked this question just enough to know that a lot of people want to know the answer to this. She gives a quick answer but then expounds on it for those who want to know more. Don’t worry! She’s kept it simple. Click here to read more.

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