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Character List

For a 60 page book, Seeking Isabel has a lot of characters to keep up with. And the sequels, Finding Benjamin and Banishing Felipe add to that list. So, if you have trouble keeping everyone straight, the Character List is here to help! Download by clicking on the appropriate book title below.

Seeking Isabel Character List

NEW! Finding Benjamin Character List


Banishing Felipe COMING EARLY 2019!

Book Club Discussion Sheets

So you want to recommend to your book club that you read the Sacred Trust books, but then you’d be responsible for coming up with the discussion? Not a problem! Simply download the appropriate question guide below.

Seeking Isabel Discussion Guide

NEW! Finding Benjamin Discussion Guide


Banishing Felipe COMING EARLY 2019!

Does gasoline go bad? How do you safely get gasoline out of clothes?

At this point, NONE of my readers know what this has to do with the Sacred Trust series, but this comes up in the third book, Banishing Felipe. Until I get that book ready for you to purchase, these are still a couple of excellent questions. Does gasoline go bad? How can we safely store leftover gasoline? And, how do you get gasoline out of clothes? All those answers are COMING SOON!

Posters from the Sacred Trust Series

Did you see a quote or verse from one of the books that you love and want to share on social media? We may have already done the work for you! Click below to see what free downloads we have to offer. Posters from future books will be added as the books release.

NEW! Posters for Social Media

Why Do Kids Go Missing?

In Seeking Isabel, a teen is missing, and detectives don’t know if she left home on her own or was abducted. They call in the FBI’s Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Team to help. How prevalent is child abduction? Does any place or situation yield itself to added risk, or are we focusing on the wrong concern? This download might help put your mind at ease and arm you to better protect your kids where it really matters.

Why Do Kids Runaway?

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