Living in the Shadow of Death Freebies

NEW! Living in the Shadow of Death Devotional

Carrie adapted the first three chapters of the book to a 20-day devotional suitable for reading alone or with a group. Each day includes brief Scripture passages. Download for free!

Living in the Shadow of Death Leader Guide

Want to walk through the book with a group of friends, but you need ideas for meetings, recipes that work great for small groups, suggestions to get people talking, and help in case you encounter conflict? Carrie’s been leading small groups for years, and here are some of her best ideas that will work well with Living in the Shadow of Death.

Living in the Shadow of Death Study Guide

Love the book? Want to go deeper with friends or make it more personal? Then this Study Guide is just for you!

NOTE: This is not the book and does not include the book. This is for additional study based on the book.

Resource List

When God first planted the idea for this book in my heart, I felt certain I’d find many resources already lining the store shelves talking about and dealing with grief and its anticipation. What I found surprised me. The marketplace is generally silent unless you enter the realm of hospice care and end of life concerns.

When I broadened my topic to include pain and suffering, I finally discovered some wonderful books and teachers. In the list are some of the books, podcasts, and lessons I consumed, and while many of them do not directly discuss anticipatory grief or mourning our losses, they offer important insights and healing words of encouragement that I found useful in my own journey.

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