All of our lives, most of us have been admonished to control our tongues. Much repeated reminders like “If you can’t say something nice, . . .” Did you finish the sentence without me?

A recent blog post by author Shellie Rushing Tomlinson got me thinking about something quite interesting. Do you remember the story of Pentecost in the New Testament, the one right after Jesus ascended to Heaven? Here’s what Shellie writes in her post:

Before leaving in the clouds, Jesus had promised to send them power to take His message to the ends of the earth. He didn’t tell them what this power would look like or how long they’d have to wait for it, only that they must.

Finally, after days and nights of waiting, after all the anticipation and questions surrounding this mysterious force Jesus had spoken of, after weeks of wondering what this supernatural aid might be and how they would wield it, God’s promise fire fell “as cloven tongues of fire.”

How strange. Fiery cloven tongues uttering words of an other-worldly origin.

I find it fascinating that out of all the body parts the writer could’ve used to describe this amazing scene when God’s fire power fell on man, He chose a human tongue. What a visual of God’s plan to employ these fleshy instruments of ours to speak from the understanding of one human to that of another, each one witnessing of the consuming fire lit in his or her heart.

Is that something you’ve ever thought of before? What comes to mind as you read this?

To read Shellie’s full post, click here.


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