If you follow me on Social Media, you may have seen this post: “Stories are starting to trickle in of the amazing work God is doing in people’s hearts as they read The Warrior’s Bride.” Although I won’t share names, I’ve been given permission to share one such story with you.

One sweet women married to an Army soldier contacted me last Wednesday, telling me that her husband was supposed to be home from deployment the day before. She said, “Still not sure what happened or why the delay, but today is his Can't you just picture her disappointment?birthday. Friday we will be trick-or-treating and this Saturday will be the last time the boys play a football game this year. Because of the change, he will be missing all of those important events that we were looking forward to him participating in.”

Can’t you just picture her disappointment? My heart ached for their family as I remembered times when my children and I had to carry on with big events in our lives without the physical presence of my husband with us.

But her story wasn’t done. She continued by telling me what she’d read in The Warrior’s Bride.

She said, “Last night I was reading your portion of “The Calling of the Warrior’s Bride” [Chapter 6] and I was brought to tears as I was reminded that God brings all things together for good even if I can’t see that in the moment. I was so focused on being pouty pants about my circumstances that I was forgetting to celebrate the joy and the fact that my husband is coming home at all. The words that God provided you were in perfect timing and I needed to read them last night. Thankfully, [my husband] will be home this Saturday night. After prayer last night and repentance, I woke up this morning deciding to change my stinking thinking.”

What a wonderful moment as this bride remembered that her marriage was something to be celebrated. Her husband longed to get home to her, and she and their boys anxiously awaited his arrival. Yes, everyone would have to wait a few extra days, and yes, big events would be missed, but he was coming home. That is definitely a blessing.

What blessing stands before you right now that you’ve been blind to or neglectful in thanking God for?

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