Ever get one of those messages from God where you are left scratching your head? Or how about the ones that leave you thinking, “Are you kidding me? I can’t do that!” I know I’m not alone here!

To add something new to my life, something old must go.Recently, God’s been launching things at me, some of which I’m not quite sure what to do with. But, it’s a lot of writing — writing for others as well as new books that I see a tremendous lack of on the Christian market. But, as my friends at Action Plan Ministries (Declutter Now!) would remind me: to add something new to my life, something old must go.

So, to follow God’s lead, I’m in the process of decluttering. Again.

The good news for you: more books from me! The bad news (or maybe good news too): less blog posts each month.

I obviously cannot neglect my duties as wife or mother; my husband and my children need me. Additionally, God is not releasing me from volunteering within ministries to the military. In fact, if anything, I see that growing in the new year to take up a little more of my time.

I can’t give up sleep (I get very grumpy with out that), and I’m working to look for segments of time where I uselessly whittle away the hours. But realistically, the only other big chunk of my life is writing. And if God wants me to write more books, I must write less blog posts.

So I’m not going away. I’ll still be here once a week — every Tuesday — sharing what God is teaching me. And my newsletters will still go out six-to-eight times a year sharing all the latest book news.

Which brings me to another piece of good news for you! Each month starting now, I will pick ONE WINNER from those who signed up for either my blog posts OR my newsletter. This person will receive their choice of one of my books — paperback or eBook. How does that sound?

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