Do you believe in happy endings? I don’t just mean the happily-ever-after required at the end of fairy tales. I don’t even mean that you wish or hope for one. Deep inside your heart, do you believe your life will have a happy ending?

I remember one particular movie I watched with my Dad. I’d missed most of it, but sat down to watch the last fifteen minutes or so with him. And at the end, just before the closing credits, the hero died.

What?! I looked at my Dad in astonishment. Surely I must have missed something. “That was the hero?” I said.

“Yes,” Dad said.

“He just died!”


“Dad, the hero can’t die! That’s an awful story.”

“It’s a good movie.”

Uh, no! I’m sure the overall movie was fine, but knowing that the hero dies in the end sealed it for me. It’s been many years, and I’ve yet to watch the whole thing.

Now before you think I live in Cinderella’s world where Fairy Godmother comes to save the day, know that I’m a little more grounded than that. I know the good guy sometimes dies. And sometimes that death makes a great story.

But I still believe in happy endings.

Why? Because I believe in God and know a bit about His character. Including the fact that He loves me, cares for me, watches over me, and wants to prosper me. He works all things (even bad things) for my good. He holds me securely in His hand, and Jesus is preparing a place for me.

Today may have difficulties, perhaps even tragedies. But in the end . . . I get Heaven. And that’s a happy ending.

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