My newest book is a departure from my normal fiction. Although I’m already well into my next fiction series, I wanted to take a little time to tell you more about The Warrior’s Bride: Biblical Strategies to Help the Military Spouse Thrive.

Crossing Values

Crossing Values

The journey began several years ago, before I’d seriously considered publishing a book. Yes, I was playing around with Crossing Values, but it wasn’t done and I didn’t know the first thing about actually getting it to print.

My family and I were at the home of Sam and Kathy Barnett, friends from church. She knew I wrote weekly devotions for women and she regularly prayed for me as I did that. The truth was, unbeknownst to me at the time, she’d been arguing with God. You see, He’d told her to give me a book concept that was deep in her heart.

I can imagine that battle between the two of them. I know how much I love the characters of Crossing. I remember how I thought about them, labored over them, as the concept became a story in my heart. To be asked to hand that over to someone else to do with whatever they pleased . . . well, it reminds me of the battle between PL Travers and Walt Disney over Mary Poppins in the 2013 movie Saving Mr. Banks.

As our evening ended, Kathy took us upstairs to show us some remodeling that had been completed in their home. We were about to take our leave when she told me that she had to talk to me, had to give me something. And then it all came out. Her heart for what became The Warrior’s Bride lay before me in that room.

I was so honored. So very excited. A book–an incredible book, a needed book. And she wanted to share it with me! Share. Because never once did I ever think this was my book. This was the book God gave to Kathy and then asked her to share with me. In His great wisdom, He knew that we were both needed for this project.

And as I began to pour out my amazement, she realized that God wasn’t taking her love from her after all. He was multiplying it by giving her me, and me her.

I will tell you that this has been a journey I will never forget. A journey that has changed both of us and made us better friends, better wives, and better women of God. And that’s what we want for every reader that picks up The Warrior’s Bride.

Yes, it is written to military wives because that is who we are and what we know. But much of what is in the book applies to a broader range of people.

And I’m anxious to share it, and my sweet Kathy, with you.


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