How often have you considered the infinity symbol–you know, that figure-eight thing? I don’t think I’ve ever thought of it much. After all, it’s just two circles, and I prefer to keep things as simple as possible when I can. One circle is plenty. At least, that’s what I thought until this weekend.

A friend stopped to tell me that she's realized that she is standing a the center cross-point of the infinity symbol.A friend stopped to tell me that she’s realized that she is standing a the center cross-point of the infinity symbol. Those on the circle behind her have encouraged her to get her to where she now stands. Those on the circle ahead of her constantly encourage to reach farther, dream bigger, and stay on track.

Isn’t that beautiful? I realized as I thought about it later that it’s also true in my life. Some people have poured into me for a time, encouraging me to let go of hurts and strive for more than I thought I was capable of. And today some are still encouraging me to push forward, to make sure I’m following God’s plan along with all that means for me.

And I’ve found it’s true of the weeks I’m most productive.

When I stopped to think about it, I realized that the weeks I get the most done–those weeks where I feel like I’m busy about all the right things and accomplishing all God wants me to do–those are the weeks that I’ve taken the time to be purposeful about life.

And when I’m purposeful, I do two key things:

1. I gain encouragement from those who have been where I am. I listen to several podcasts and read a lot of books, but the ones that mean the most are written by those who have known and take the time to share where they come from.

  • It’s much easier to listen to a millionaire tell you to stick to your written budget when you know he once had his electric turned off for non-payment.
  • It’s much easier to listen to time management expert tell you how to give that next task your absolute best when he shares that he sometimes struggles to do this.

2. I gain inspiration from those who are where I want to be. It’s so easy to relax into the current routine, letting calendar days slip away in a mass of activity. But when someone who has been where I am and is now considerably down the path in front of me, that’s exciting!

What task or dream lies before you?So where are you, and what task or dream lies before you? Take a moment to thank God for all those who have encouraged you to this point. And then take a step of faith forward, reaching toward all those who are cheering you on.

Who inspires you to a greatness that you never considered reachable?

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