Many of you are either military or part of a military family. Or love and support a military family.

Military Families BibleThat’s why I’m excited to introduce to you the new Military Families Bible by B&N Publishing!

This beautiful, imitation leather Bible (Holman Christian Standard version) includes thirty devotions and thirty prayers written by military authors for military families.

  • Seeking fulfillment in your life as a military spouse? This Bible has a devotion for that — written by me!
  • Feeling alone during deployment? Yep, a devotion for that too.
  • Need a prayer for trusting God’s provision during seemingly dire circumstances? Chaplain (Colonel) John Laing wrote one specifically for that.
  • Want some guidance to know how to pray for your solider, sailor, airman, or Marine to follow orders wisely and accurately? Author Sarah Ball wrote a beautiful prayer that includes both applicable Scripture and a few words about difficult environments.

Other topics you’ll find in the prayers and devotions for military families:

Dealing with PTSD. Prayer for purity. Courage in threat. Finding godly friendships.

Loving the enemy. Finding joy. Reintegration. Adjusting to unfamiliar surroundings.

Missing kids while on deployment. Releasing our loved ones to God.

Reassuring our children. Protection from guilt and remorse.

The best part

So many critical topics. So much shared wisdom. But it gets even better! YOU can win a FREE copy of The Military Families Bible.

Yes! You!

Here’s the whole truth: One of my readers surprised me with a copy of this Bible. An Army spouse and mother of two boys, she has the utmost respect for and understanding of what military families go through every day.

It’s a hard life full of uncertainty, but she wants to put a copy of this Bible in your hands to remind you that God is still in control. That God still loves and pursues you. That you are not alone.

I’m so excited to share this Bible with you because this project is close to my heart. I was honored to be chosen and included among so many other encouraging writers.

And I LOVE that one of you loves the rest of you enough to enable me to give one of you a copy.

So spread the word!

To enter, just follow the prompts below. You MUST leave a comment, but the Facebook and Twitter options that open up after you comment are up to you. Entries accepted until MIDNIGHT, May 15, 2016.

And seriously. Please spread the word to other military families. I’m not asking anyone to sign up for my emails (although that would be wonderful!) or follow me on social media. I just want to spread the word about this exciting new Bible so more military families and the people who love them can be encouraged.

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