Seeking Isabel

Sacred Trust Series Book 1

She’s missing. No one knows why.

Seventeen-year-old Isabel Moreno fights with her grandfather about going to a friend’s house to study. The next morning, she’s gone. An honor roll student well liked by everyone, no one knows of trouble at home or at school. Friends are upset and the family is distraught. What happened?

Detective Samuel Campos is assigned to the case.

Every person he talks to seems sincere, but good kids don’t just disappear. As he struggles through the never-ending questions surrounding Isabel, God talks to him in a way he’s never experienced before. Or is his mind making up things to camouflage the disturbing lack of evidence?

A wonderfully written story of a police detective and his newest case.  Carrie Daws does a terrific job of keeping it simple while holding your attention on what will happen next. ~Samantha F., North Carolina

The book is suspenseful and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The characters are easy to relate to and the small town setting makes you feel like you are in the book trying to help them find Isabel. Just when you feel like you have the story figured out a wrench is thrown into your idea. It’s a fast read and hard to put down. ~Megan H., Colorado

I was honored to be asked to write a review for Carrie’s new book, Seeking Isabel. I was hooked as soon as I read the blurb she sent asking me if I’d review the book.  I love a good intrigue.  

The one thing that really stood out to me in this book was the opening (and throughout the text) when Samuel’s name is called, just like biblical Samuel as a young boy in the Old Testament.  The character has to distinguish where the voice is coming from;  is it a burglar, his wife, or God? Throughout the book, Sam continues to hear God calling his name or providing clues in dreams to find the missing girl. He has to decide whether to listen and act on what he hears or to dismiss it. Does he risk heeding the voice at the risk of being thought crazy or foolish but finding the girl, or does he dismiss the voice and go with his training and cop instincts and possibly never finding the victim?

This is much like our own lives. First, we have to train our ear to hear God when he speaks which isn’t always easy. We doubt, at times, whether it was God or just us thinking about something. Then, we have to have the courage to act on what we heard, even if it makes us look foolish in the world’s eyes.

Carrie Daws does a great job of introducing and helping us to get to know her main character.  She allows us to see Sam Campos’ feelings throughout the case and how he chooses to heed the voice, with encouragement from his wife, to find Isabel.  The details are such that one can visualize the scene in one’s head and know exactly what the setting looks like. I was hooked on the book from the first page. The only thing I would say to the negative is the book is too short! I was really getting into it, and it ended! ~Kelley F., Georgia

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