Living in the Shadow of Death

Learning to Thrive through Tragedy and Uncertainty

Does God have a purpose for the turmoil or tragedy you are experiencing? Does a good God allow loss and send pain? How can that lurking feeling of dread for tomorrow be part of abundant life with Christ?

Grief blindsides us. A job loss, a failed relationship, a health crisis, an unexpected move, a rebellious teen, and other difficult circumstances force themselves upon us, demanding our attention. Fear, insecurity, and loneliness intimidate us into quiet submission and attempt to dictate our choices.

But what if we could shove them out of our front door?

With loving concern and unyielding devotion for those facing a loss they never imagined, Carrie opens up her heart to reveal the biblical truths she’s learned through the heart-wrenching turbulence in her own life. She answers questions many Christians struggle with but dare not admit:

  • Is God really good?
  • Does pain and loss cancel out the abundant life promised to us?
  • How can we follow God when life seems to only bring heartache?
  • Is He even trustworthy?

If these are your questions, take heart! Within these pages, Carrie shares some of her very unchristian-like doubts and how she developed an intense faith and abiding trust even while Living in the Shadow of Death.

The Companion JOURNAL

Living in the Shadow of Death

Filled with quotes from the book and coloring pages to help you be still, this blank journal is the perfect addition to record your thoughts as you read.

One hundred lined pages with quotes and verses. Includes ten coloring pages with blank backs so you can use coloring pencils or markers. And it’s only $5!

The Devotional

Living in the Shadow of Death

Interested in the book but not positive it’s for you? Carrie adapted the first three chapters, segmenting them into easy-to-read devotions! And you can download it for FREE!

Carrie Daws tackles the tough topics of life in “Living in the Shadow of Death.” With wisdom forged in the fires of grief and loss, Carrie honestly shares her struggles as well as the life-giving lessons learned in the shadows of suffering and hardship.  Packed with powerful truth to counter the dark, Carrie’s words remind us that God is with us and for us in every struggle.

~Ginger Harrington, author of Holy in the Moment: Simple Ways to Love God and Enjoy Your Life

In Living in the Shadow of Death, Carrie Daws cracks open a difficult topic and handles the reader with such care, you’ll feel like she’s sitting at the kitchen table with you, sharing coffee and compassion while not skimping on biblical truth. This is what I admire most about this book: it is both gracious and uncompromising, full of humanity and wisdom. An excellent resource for anyone grieving or anticipating grief.

~Jocelyn Green, author of Free to Lean: Making Peace with Your Lopsided Life

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