The Embers Series

3 Books in One
The Embers Series

KINDLING EMBERS: She never thought she’d be raising her daughters alone.But when Deputy Fire Marshal Cassandra McCarthy’s husband died unexpectedly, she was forced to find a career. Now working beside a retired Special Operations soldier and veteran fireman, she serves her small North Carolina town, protecting them from hazards they don’t understand. 

But things must change. First, a paramedic starts to work at one of her firehouses, irritating her with the most ridiculous names. And then the evidence in a series of unexplained fires points in a direction she doesn’t like. Can she continue to do her job with integrity and passion when she doesn’t like where it leads her?
IGNITING EMBERS: She thought life would settle down. Nature had a different plan. Cassandra breathed a sigh of relief once the teenagers who had been starting nuisance fires around her small town were caught. But life is rarely so simple. 
A hurricane rages up the eastern coastline, damaging homes and feeding floods as it goes. But evidence is mounting that the teens weren’t the only ones playing with fire. Can she prepare the town for the looming emergency and protect them from the danger living in their midst?
EXTINGUISHING EMBERS: The danger grows. Will God protect her? Hurricane Matthew left millions of dollars of destruction, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency invaded to help the community clean up and move forward. 

Yet in the midst of recovery, the unexplained fires grow more menacing. Cassandra works closely with FEMA to help the community and with the sheriff’s office to follow the small pieces of evidence left at each fire scene. But what will it cost her to capture the arsonist? Is he closer than she wants him to be? And will she have to give up the one relationship she’s wanted since the death of her husband?

Book Details

Author: Carrie Daws
Series: Embers, full series
Publisher: Immeasurable Works
Publication Year: 2017
Format: eBook and paperback
Length: 233 pages
ISBN: 9781947539037

The eBooks in the Embers Series

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