Your Extended Family
A Military Spouse’s Biblical Guide to Surviving within and without Your Family
Beyond Warrior’s Bride series, book 1
Family. They can be one of our biggest blessings and one of our biggest stressors. Family members that don’t understand the military system can complicate your life, and sometimes the best-intentioned relative can undercut everything you are trying to build with your husband.

Living far away can also be hard if you have a medical emergency. Deployments and high ops tempos give loneliness and depression the opportunity to take over. Are there really any practical answers? What does the Bible say about dealing with and living apart from family.

This book has an unlimited potential to reach every single person that has an affiliation with the military. Personally one of my favorite quotes in the book is directly from the authors’ personal experiences and studies and states “before us stands a prize that is worth the cost. Be careful that you do not casually throw aside family in order to become more religious, but do not cast off obedience to God in order to meet your family’s expectations.” From beginning to end this book provided me with not only things to think about but also different approaches to deal with each individual road that “us” as military families have or will cross. Exceptional addition to the Warriors Bride!!

~Carrie B., military spouse

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