Crossing's Redemption

The Crossing Series - Book 4
Crossing’s Redemption
Many in Crossing, Oregon, would describe long-time resident Patricia Guire as an eclectic force to be reckoned with, one who speaks her mind. Yet something is changing. She seems to be dropping out of her normal activities, becoming scarce around town and less available to her friends.

Amber Yager feels called to check in on Patricia. Yet as she spends time with her and discovers Patricia’s hidden past, she is drawn into a group that brings disquiet to her own soul, ripping open old wounds. Will the love she’s found in Crossing be taken from her? Or could both Amber and Patricia finally find peace as God shines light into the darkest places of their hearts?

What a lovely, sweet story about forgiveness and redemption!

I loved the characters because they seem so real; they each have fears and doubts, strengths and weaknesses in their personalities, and are totally believable.

What a precious lesson Carrie taught anyone with a horrifying experience in their past…..God loves us and is with us through every experience we’ve ever lived through, but He also expects us to forgive, in spite of our pain. And in the middle of the forgiving process, we find joy.

This book will make you laugh and cry with joy for the victory the characters achieve in the end. I LOVE it and would highly recommend it to anyone who loves a clean, moving and uplifting story.

~Joanie Bruce, Author of Murder for the Time Being

Book Details
Author: Carrie Daws
Series: Crossing, Book 4
Publisher: Immeasurable Works
Publication Year: 2016
Format: eBook, paperback
Length: 139 pages
ISBN: 9780998167879
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