THIS OFFER EXPIRED April 20, 2018.


We are so glad you stopped by! We’ve been planning for you FOR WEEKS, dreaming of the day we could offer these gifts to you. Because you pre-ordered A New Home for Allie, you are eligible to receive the following:

1. A signed bookplate. Not only will you receive a sticker for your book with both Carrie’s and Joanie’s signature, but Joanie took the time to hand sketch a small picture of Allie on each one! How cool is that!?

2. Limited Prints. The first 50 to respond will receive a 4″ x 6″ print of Allie from the book. We special ordered these from a printer, and when they are gone, we have no plans to order more.

3. A FREE eBook. The publisher agreed to send each person who pre-ordered Allie a FREE copy of my book on Moving: A Military Spouse’s Guide to Surviving a PCS. While it is military specific, a lot of the information applies to civilians too!

4. Optional: Join the Launch Team! From now through May 31st, join a Private Facebook Group to help word spread about A New Home for Allie! You’ll get easy access to both Carrie and Joanie, the ability to ask any question about the book you want, easy access to beautiful photos to share with friends and family, AND the chance to win more Allie-themed prizes!


To claim these gifts, we need you to email CONTACT@CARRIEDAWS.COM the following items:

1. Your mailing address. We need this so we can send you the gifts!

2. A copy, scan, or photo of your receipt. To qualify as a pre-order, your payment must be dated to the retailer of your choice BEFORE APRIL 20, 2018. We will not mail out your gifts until we receive your dated receipt.

3. Whether or not you want the FREE eBook. If you would like a free copy of Moving: A Military Spouse’s Biblical Guide to Surviving a PCS, please let us know if you have a Kindle or a different eReader so we know which file to email back to you.

4. Finally, we’d love it if you join our mailing lists, but this is not required and we will not automatically do this. You can sign up for Carrie’s weekly email (and free short story) in the pop-up box that appears on every page of this website, and for Joanie’s newsletter by clicking here. Also, bloggers can join Ambassador’s Review Team and score even more FREE books!


Questions or problems? Please let us know! We want to make this as easy as possible, but we know sometimes technology is a hindrance. Feel free to email Carrie at CONTACT@CARRIEDAWS.COM with any questions or concerns. She’ll get back to you as quickly as she can (usually within 24 hours).


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