If you’ve been following me for any amount of time then you know that I have a children’s book releasing in April. In early January, I sent out initial design copies to endorsers, asking for their thoughts on the book.

The response has been overwhelming!

A New Home for Allie

“Good morning, Allie.” Allie’s mom bent her neck and rubbed her face against Allie’s. “Your father has news.” ~Carrie Daws, A New Home for Allie

A New Home for Allie

Allie loves her home in Kenya. But her dad works for the Animal Jungle Patrol, and he just got orders to move their family to Somalia.

She has many questions, and the journey will be long. Will the new place be like what she knows? Will she find friends in her new home? And will she ever see her best friend again? What awaits her in A New Home for Allie?

More about Allie

If you want to read more about the story behind Allie, read my post here.

The Initial Reviews

“Are you my new friend? I’m Maribelle. Daddy said a new captain was coming, and I’ve been praying for a girl to play with!” ~Carrie Daws, A New Home for Allie

A New Home for Allie is a lovely book and will make a very nice addition to the library of any family, but particularly well-suited to those in military families.” ~Kate Kessler, Product Reviews Director, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC,

A New Home for Allie is beautifully written and illustrated. It is perfect for any child who’s moving—whether down the road or far away, once or repeatedly. As a military child, I’ve had the pleasure of moving many times all over the world, and I can personally say that A New Home for Allie gently addresses issues children feel over transitioning to a new home. As owner of a school with mostly military children, I am excited to share this book with our parents and read this story each time a child PCS’s in or out of our school. I’m so thankful for this new resource!” Cheryl Allin, owner Rockfish Country Kids Learning Center

 I’m so appreciative“With lush illustrations and a heartfelt story, A Home for Allie is sure to ease the transitioning child. A wonderful tool for parents and caregivers. Kids and adults alike will savor each beautiful page.” ~Jocelyn Green, author of Faith Deployed: Daily Encouragement for Military Wives

“What a delightful book! The illustrations are beautiful, and the story is very relatable to young military kids who have to move and make new friends. Nicely done!” ~Amy Armstrong, first grade teacher, military wife and mom

A New Home for Allie strikes a chord for constantly-relocating military families and is a must-have for any child’s library! Allie works through the process of parting with old friends, embarks on a journey through unfamiliar lands, arrives at her new home with an open mind, and is rewarded with a new friendship. Though it sounds like a simple process, adjusting after a move is an immense emotional strain and impacts the whole family – especially little ones. Carrie Daws is able to capture the fears, concerns, and insecurities children face before and during a move, and offers an identifiable character for them to relate to during their transition. Allie’s acceptance, trust in her parents, and positive outlook are key components to her successful transition. And, if we could only have classrooms full of Maribelles to welcome newcomers, the world would truly be a better place!” ~Kellie Artis, Director of Communications, MILLIE – Bringing Military Families Home.

Pre-Order Available Now!

And the praise just continues to pour in. I’m so appreciative of each person who took the time to look at this book, to the team at Ambassador International who is working so hard to bring it all together, and to my illustrator, Joanie Bruce, who so lovingly sketched and painted an adorable main character and beautiful pages.

If you are anxiously awaiting this new book, your wait is almost over! It releases during the Month of the Military Child, on April 20th. And it is available for pre-order NOW! Just click here!

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