Y’all. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to announce that Shadow of Death: Learning to Thrive through Tragedy and Uncertainty is available for purchase!

  • This is the book I procrastinated on writing.
  • This is the book I did not feel qualified to write.
  • This is the book I knew would take a substantial emotional toll on me to put onto paper.

But before I even started writing, it’s the book that everyone I mentioned it to wanted to read. And now that it’s done, this is also the book that is resonating with everyone that’s read it so far. I’ve received positive remarks and encouragement on my other books, but not like this.

This one is hitting people deep in their hearts, at those thoughts and fears that they are afraid to put into words.

Living in the Shadow of DeathLiving in the Shadow of Death front cover: Description

Does God have a purpose for the turmoil or tragedy you are walking through? Does a good God seriously allow loss and send pain? How can that lurking feeling of dreading tomorrow be part of abundant life with Christ?

Sometimes grief hits us unexpectedly. Losing a job, the end of a relationship, a health crisis, an unexpected move, a rebellious teen and other difficult circumstances force themselves upon us and demand our full attention. Fear, insecurity, and loneliness intimidate us into quiet submission. They scream at us that life will never again be as good as it was, and they attempt to dictate what choices we should make from now on.

But what if we could push them back outside our front door?

With loving concern and unyielding devotion for those facing a loss they never imagined, Carrie opens up her heart to reveal the biblical truths she’s learned through the heart-wrenching turbulence in her own life over the last two decades. She answers questions that many Christians struggle with but dare not whisper out loud:

  • Is God really good?
  • Does the presence of pain and loss cancel out the abundant life promised to us?
  • How can we follow God when life seems to only bring heartache?
  • Is He even trustworthy?

If that sounds like the questions rambling around your head, take heart! Carrie’s been there too. Within these pages, she tells some of her very unchristian-like doubts and how she developed an intense faith and abiding trust even while Living in the Shadow of Death.

Other Resources

Other ResourcesWithin the book, I include a list of many of the resources I utilized. Some of them I quote within the book while others were helpful as I put concrete words to my journey. They include the teachings of noted theologian and pastor RC Sproul and Ligonier Teaching Fellow Derek Thomas. I also utilized the written wisdom of people who have also spent time in the Valley of the Shadow of Death, people like Paul Billheimer, Kristen Strong, Sheila Walsh, and Michele Cushatt.

You can find that list for free by clicking here.

Available Now!

If you are struggling with doubts about the Christian life, or if you couldn’t tell someone how you know God is good even in the midst of turmoil and tragedy, then grab this book! I may not, will likely not, answer all of your questions and fears, but I will give you some things to think about that will help you on your journey.

And if you are currently facing your own Valley of the Shadow of Death? Well, step inside the pages of this book, and feel free to email me. We can face it together.


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