Back in early October, I made two big announcements:

  • I was starting my own publishing company.
  • I was reclaiming the rights to my Crossing series.

Several of you patiently waited while my assistant and I waded into the publishing waters. We had some battles to win, fights with computers over formatting issues and such.

But we won!

The Entire Crossing Series is NOW Available!

The Crossing Series Relaunch! All 4 BooksYou can buy all four eBooks from Amazon by clicking below:

  1. Crossing Values – $1.99
  2. Ryan’s Crossing – $2.99
  3. Romancing Melody: A Crossing Journey – $2.99
  4. Crossing’s Redemption – $2.99

If you prefer paperbacks, we can accommodate that too!

  • To buy autographed copies from Carrie, click here.
    • Crossing books are just $5 each plus a flat $5.00 shipping rate no matter how many books you buy!
    • If you want to pick up from me near my home, use the code LOCAL2CD to receive credit for the shipping cost.
  • To buy copies from, click below:

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