One of the most popular freebies I offered on my Crossing series was … can you guess?

Options include:

  • Character Lists
  • 7-Day Devotional
  • Book Club Discussion Sheets
  • Short Stories related to the series

And the winner is …

… the short stories!

Surprised? I was. Truly. I’ve always thought of the Crossing books as “my little stories” that didn’t add anything of consequence to the literary world.

I know. Some of you argue fiercely against that. Thank you.

More Short Stories

I entered a writing class at the beginning of this year

So, when I entered a writing class at the beginning of this year, one of the challenges was to write three short stories before the end of the first quarter. Three. On top of my blog posts, book deadlines, other classwork, and the chaos life brought my way this year.

At first, I balked. That’s three-to-six thousand additional words. That I hadn’t planned on when I sketched out my year.

Yes, I was whining. Sigh. A bad habit I clearly still need to work on.

But then I looked at my goals.

And I realized it really wasn’t as big a deal as I’d previously thought. After all, I still wanted to create more Freebies for you for my Sacred Trust series. And I’m always on the lookout for good ideas for past and future books.

Since the short stories for Crossing were so popular … why not do the same thing for Embers? And Sacred Trust?

Introducing: The Internship


So today, I announce the release of the first short story for The Embers Series: The Internship!

How did Cassandra get the job with Chief? And why is Chief so motivated to protect the citizens of Silver Heights?

Yes, I knew the answers to both of these before I wrote the series, and I hinted at some of it within the stories you already know. However, in this first short story, I satisfy the curious among you and give more definitive answers.

Be watching for more short stories to appear soon! I plan to release three for Embers during the first half of 2019 and then will begin work on three more for Sacred Trust.

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