A friend recently searched long and hard for the perfect journal to give me. It’s beautiful, and I love it! She even took the time to write a heartfelt note inside the cover that I treasure. But, I’m stuck! I want to use this precious gift for the perfect journaling opportunities. But what is that?

file6151303951841I’ve never been much of a journal-er, not that I don’t write LOTS of things down. But most are either stored on my computer, or they are lists that I cross off and throw away. I have a few spiral notebooks spanning several months when I carefully journaled my prayers for a time. But I didn’t want to use this journal for that. So, I went looking: what do people journal about?

Here are five suggestions I found, listed in no particular order. They just appealed to me and are possibilities for my new journal.

1. Inspirational quotes. I do love great quotes! Quotes from books and blogs I want to remember is another great idea.

2. My goals. What do I think God’s opinions of the goals are? And how am I proceeding with them? Which ones are more important, and which ones can I take steps to accomplish this week?

6213045172_61a0b6ae0d_b3. Positive habits I want to acquire. In a journal I would have space to think through this, considering what it would take to acquire this habit, what I think God is telling me about it, and if now is the time to tackle it or not.

4. People who influenced me, and why. Are the traits that affected me ones that I should develop or guard against? Do I see anyone in my life right now that could benefit from me lovingly applying the positive attributes, and does God want me to get involved in their life in that way?

5. If resources (including time and money) were unlimited, what would I want to do? Do I think God is calling me to do that, and if so, what steps can I take this month to move towards that calling?

What do you think? Do you journal, and if so, what do you write down? If you don’t, do any of these suggestions appeal to you enough to get you started?


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