Crossing, Oregon, population 725. The town square consists of a diner, ice cream shop, newspaper, General Store and Micah’s Hardware. The people are friendly, drive older cars, and live life slowly.

And it exists only in my head.

Crossing ValuesGrowing up I loved Cinderella. She was sweet, cheerful, and caring. Prince Charming was so captivated in one evening with her that he turned a city on its head looking for her. When evil entered the story, it was subdued and the champions of good lived happily ever after. This mindset colors my world.

It’s not that I’ve lived a charmed life.

Like Cinderella, I’ve experienced pain, loss, and hardship. But over the years I made a conscious choice not to live there.  With godly friends willing to brave the hard paths with me, I’ve battled through to freedom, overcoming many of those moments in my life where evil dared to enter.

It was to these hard places I went as I considered the foundation for Crossing Values. I asked a lot of questions and faced some difficult answers:

  • What if a friend revealed a deep secret pain? How would I respond?
  • Would the source of the pain make a difference to me?
  • What if a person with obvious pain in their past came into my life but rebuffed offers of friendship? Would I pursue them? Keeping in mind healthy boundaries, how far would I follow if I saw God reaching out to them?

And this is how the town of Crossing was created.

Its inhabitants aren’t all that extraordinary.

  • Amber. A loner with a past she’d rather forget but can’t because pain is her constant companion.
  • Frank and Faye. An older couple who purpose to love her and be patient with her because of their own journey through deep pain.
  • And Peter. A peer willing to love her but guarded because they do not share the same values, values so important that compromise is not an option.

The result is a place I long to visit, a book that continues to draw me into the story. People I yearn to be more like.

God Made You for MoreI think my favorite line comes as Amber is about to face one of the things that had kept her moving from place to place. Her instincts tell her to run but her heart is invested in this family that has taken her in.

As danger approaches, she pauses to reflect. Although changes have happened within her and fear isn’t the supreme ruler it once was, her confidence in this new life is still shaky. As she considers her options, Peter says to her, “I believe God has made you for more than running from your past.”

And that is the point.

Frequently the skeletons in our closets keep us bound to the past, afraid to reveal the ugliness there. But when I found the courage to look at those moments with Christ inside me and good friends beside me, truth was revealed. Truth that I hadn’t considered before.

Life changing truth.

Freeing truth.

It wasn’t easy. In fact, at first, it was more painful to face it than it was to simply carry it. But now, both my and Amber’s skeletons have their proper place — in our pasts.

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