Hero is a pretty big word for me, not one I throw around casually. In our military community, I’m blessed to know many unsung heroes, men and women who bravely stand against evil in ways we may never know. But recently, God introduced me to someone who changed her world — who is still changing the world — all without a gun, or the right connections, or even a healthy body.

Mika on her tricycle

June 1995

Her name is Mika (mee’ kuh), and last week I went on a whirlwind tour of the places she spent much of her first ten years of life. I spoke to some of the people she touched and listened to their favorite memories of her.

Fond memories. Silly memories. Poignant memories. Mika may have died on October 28th, 2012, at the age of 22, but the affects of her life continue to ripple through those she knew. In fact, they are now beginning to ripple through to people who didn’t get to meet her while she walked this earth with us.

This unsung hero has already touched my life and is about to touch yours.

While I’m excited to share a bit of her story in my next book, I will also be sharing some of her here on my blog. Through occasional posts over the next several months, you’ll get to know a girl who had severe scoliosis, lung scarring, frequent bouts with respiratory illness, a damaged esophagus, very little eyesight, and much more.

Mika climbing a tree in HI

Sept 1995

You will also hear stories of a girl who wasn’t afraid to show her scars, a girl who wasn’t afraid to love people exactly where they were, and a girl who celebrated the successes of those around her. A girl who loved to sing, even if it did sound unclear and gurgly. A girl who, at birth, wasn’t expected to live.

She has much to teach us, this girl who was small in stature and large in faith. But don’t worry about not being able to relate to her. She wasn’t perfect. Just ask her mom about the time someone threw away her coffee.

Are you ready to hear more?


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