God’s the one who started this, and God is the one I need to let finish it. But sometimes that is so hard!

3000591807_b1c7a525f7_bPerhaps I should stop to explain. I love the United States of America and its military. I enjoyed the opportunity we had to travel the country, meet great people, and learn new cultures while we were active duty. And I am so thankful that we get to continue to directly support our military through my husband’s civilian job.

But when we were active duty, I struggled with the knowledge that my husband belonged to the government. Sometimes I outright hated that they could call and interrupt our plans. Frustration would build when I planned one of our children’s birthday parties, knowing that he might (and frequently did) miss it.

At times, the words of people who didn’t understand, or perhaps didn’t care about, the sacrifices we made as a family hurt me deeply. Occasionally I’d get discouraged that my husband endured things I knew I didn’t want to do for ideals and freedoms that other people took for granted. And I can’t forget about the anger that would overwhelm me in rare moments when someone, either ill-informed or unaware, would spout off at how much America paid its military to sit in schools, go camping, and travel the world.

The bottom line, though, is none of that matters.

CD Chap 5 Pg 96None of my feelings change the calling God gave my husband. He is still a military man. He’s still called to sacrifice for his country, even now as a civilian. How I deal with that reality is part of what I’ll talk about at another time, but it starts by fully grasping what God is asking of my husband, and thereby of our family.

God called my husband to the US Air Force, like he calls a pastor to preach, or an architect to design, or a doctor to heal. The military is a hard calling; I won’t pretend otherwise. But it is a necessary duty of our times. Until Jesus returns, we need people who are willing to stand between us and evil. People willing to go forth and protect your family, my family, our country, and God’s people.

As part of the calling to serve and protect, God allows you a front row seat to witness a grand Kingdom purpose come to fruition in your husband. Have you ever thought about your man fulfilling Kingdom purposes? How exciting is that!?

This is an excerpt from The Warrior’s Bride, my book with coauthor Kathy Barnett, releasing this fall.


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