EXCITING NEWS!Exciting news!

But first, a little background.

Reading Was Life

I love to read. For as long as I can remember, I read pretty much everything. I have memories of sitting at the breakfast table reading the cereal box because it was the only thing near me with words on it. I loved (still love) Dr. Seuss and Ferdinand the Bull. Then I discovered the Brothers Grimm, then Nancy Drew, and shortly thereafter Sherlock Holmes. I was hooked.

That hasn’t changed much these days.

What did change was my life. I grew up, got a job, gained some bills, got married, had kids and dogs and a cat and a turtle. Life got full — overloaded sometimes — and reading fell to the wayside. Not because I didn’t still love it, but because my days were filled with trying to keep up with three little ones ages five and under.

I purposed to write short booksReading Is Life

So when God brought writing into my life, I purposed to write books for women like I had been.

  • Women who were busy.
  • Women who loved to read.
  • Women who just needed to remember that God saw them and loved them right in the middle of their chaos.

And so all of my fiction books are purposely short. I wanted an overwhelmed woman to be able to look at the number of pages and think, “I can find time for that.”

But That’s Not for All Readers

This created a problem I wasn’t prepared for: some readers discount short books.

Some readers discount short booksI get it. Less pages mean less detail, sometimes less character development. Certainly fewer complications.

I don’t mind that. An author who can pull me into their story world, well my imagination takes over. I truly don’t pay a lot of attention to details as my mind creates what it wants. (Honestly, I don’t know how many times I’ve realized halfway through a book that I’ve been picturing the hero with dark hair only to realize the author’s told me he’s blonde in multiple ways.)

I also understand it, to a point. I have a mental block with longer books (over 300 pages). My life still tends to be busy, so when I see a thick book, I wonder if I’ll reach the end before I forget what the beginning was about. Now I overcome this at times, but it’s a battle I choose to face. Not all readers decide the battle against personal preferences is worth fighting.

I Heard You

Some of you want to share my books with friends who won’t touch a book less than 200 pages. Many of you just love a good deal. (I’m with you!)

So, I am releasing the Crossing series in two books, combining the first and second books of the series into one edition and combining the third and fourth books into one edition.

The first two books are milder in many respects, making them suitable for a wider age range. The last two deal with heavier issues that not everyone wants to read about or expose their teenagers to. Additionally, all four books together in one edition would make it almost 700 pages! That’s a big book.

For these reasons, I decided to release the four books in two new books.

The NEW Crossing Books

Here are the two new releases in the Crossing series. If you already own these books, you aren’t missing anything! I strongly considered going back through them, editing the stories based on what I’ve learned since these released. But I decided to leave them alone. The stories and characters herein are exactly what you read when they first released.

Crossing Values AND Ryan’s Crossing

Crossing & Ryan Combo CoverFor years, Amber avoided the skeletons in her closet. Job-hopping every few weeks, she refused to let anyone get close to her. As winter plants itself firmly across the Rockies, she decides to take a chance on a job at a logging company with a family different from any she’s ever known. Feeling like she’s entered the happily-ever-after written at the end of fairy tales, she watches for cracks in the façade. Surely as the days pass, the play-acting will cease and the real family will emerge. Or could she be wrong? Could this family hold the key to what she’s seeking?

After ten years, Ryan’s parents found his runaway sister, Amber. Now, as he drives to meet up with her before her wedding, his mind fills with the changes coming. Besides figuring out where she will fit into his life, a job change is on the horizon for him. But should he stick with small town life? Or should he move to Portland, Oregon? Meeting the family his sister is marrying into only brings more questions. Something about the town of Crossing calls to him. Is it the friendly people who openly accept him as Amber’s brother or the cute brunette who happens to be sister of the groom?

Romancing Melody AND Crossing’s Redemption

Melody & Redemption Combo CoverNewlywed Melody Podell gives up everything she has ever known to follow her husband, a soldier in the US Army, across the country to his duty station at Fort Bragg, NC. Army life is not what she expected, and she struggles to adapt to it and its constant call on her husband’s time. Soon after giving birth to their first child and dealing with her husband s deployment to a dangerous part of the world, tragedy strikes forcing Melody to travel back to home. Walking back into the lives of her old friends in Crossing, Oregon, is the last thing Melody wants to do, but could she be missing something? Is God really in control?

Many in Crossing, Oregon, would describe long-time resident Patricia Guire as an eclectic force to be reckoned with. Yet something is changing. She is dropping out of her normal activities, becoming scarce around town and less available to her friends. Amber Yager feels called to check in on Patricia. Yet as she spends time with her and discovers Patricia’s hidden past, she is drawn into a group that brings disquiet to her own soul, ripping open old wounds. Will the love she’s found in Crossing be taken from her? Or could both Amber and Patricia finally find peace as God shines light into the darkest places of their hearts?


What did you think?

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